This is a self-financed released from American band The Layaways on Mystery Farm Records, based in Chicago.

The Layaways make fine indie pop. Hushed vocals interweave with understated buzzing guitars. The whole LP is a revelation from the start. It reminds of the Radio Dept in that the band seem to have similar musical influences. This isn’t retro music though. There is enough new hear to make this a very 2005 LP.

The album starts brightly with the buzztastic and mid paced ‘Silence’. Which I believe is available to download from the bands website. This album is not purely an indie record as I can hear a more traditional rock influence on tracks like ‘Lying and Stealing’ and ‘Just A Dream’. There is something in the vocal delivery on these tracks that suggests Steve Earle during his Copperhead Road era. Maybe I wrong. But that’s what I hear – a country rock twang. Not that this is bad thing. It just unusual to hear these styles together.

The title track ‘We’ve Been Lost’ resumes the indie feel, with minimal drum tracks, whispered vocals and guitars buzzing. I prefer the Layaways when they play this way. Either way this is a fine LP. It is the bands 2nd release. Their debut LP ‘More Than Happy’ was released back in 2003. This LP is a step forward from that release.

The band make the kind of pop music that gets me up and dancing, albeit, around my living room these days and not some beer soaked club. I still feel the band are torn between which style is really their own. We’ve Been Lost is a fine record from a band that have the potential to release a great record. This isn’t it. It comes mighty close, but just falls short of being a great LP. It’s still damn good. A band worth investigating and keeping an ear out for.

Head over to the The Layaways website for a few tracks to download and details on how to get your hands on this fine LP.

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