Ella Glockenspiel

…she’s quite possibly the coolest girl in Malmo

As you’re all aware of my obsession with all things Scandinavian, I hold my hands up to another one. Except she’s Swedish.

From the moment you enter Ella’s site, you know you’re going to love this girl.Afterall, she looks like one of us. Delve deeper, and you’ll see that the song titles (singhappysing and Joe go piano amongst them) make you happy. Well, they made me smile anyway (complete with cutesey Swedish spelling) And that’s before you’ve even heard any of the four demos…

What does it sound like? Hmmmm… That’s a hard one. Think of a less antifolk Pre War Yard Sale with pretensions to be one of the girlies from Abba if she went all… well, stripped down.With a drum machine and a guitar, a piano and a myterious friend called Max. Quite who Max is or what he does, I’m not sure, but I’m sure that he does a more than capable job on “Hit” and “Hold This Head”.

Ella’s great nursery rhyme simplicity lends itself to those times of night when you just want to listen to something, but…well, you’re not sure what it is you want. I did the baby test (i.e. I tried it on a friend’s screaming baby) and it passed with flying colours. I’m not sure why, but it’s mother was greatful. That, in itself, was enough reason to fall in love.

So, as Ella herself sings sing sing sing sing happy happy happy.. And that’ll do just fine for now- so long as the baby sleeps…

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