Spunky Vaporizers

Nobody can vaporize like a crazy Russian punk! In a recent interview their inspiration was credit to the volcano vaporizer…

What was less clear, was whether the spunky sputniks were inspired by the shape or the fumes coming from their vaporizer – we like to think that it had something to with the special herbs, but it may be more to do with the rocket shape and coold, slippery design – but we’ll never know because we don’t speak Russian shoot it up!

Heroes of Switzerland
Sunday, July 03 2005 @ 01:06 AM GMT-1
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A fine noise pop demo available for download.

Heroes of Switzerland appear to be from Nottingham, England. These demos definitely fall into the rough and ready category.

These tracks were recorded with some students and it seems to have been a learning process for the band and the students.. The first two tracks ‘Why’ and ‘No Easy Way of Being’ really do the noise pop thing ever so well. The sound is distorted noise pop. On these tracks HoS recall Ride to my ears. Which is no bad thing. I’d imagine that the band could refine their sound further.

The final track ‘Reassurance’ was the band just wanting to rock out after a hard day at the ‘office’. It’s traditional heavy metal to my ears conjuring up the scary mix of Black Sabbath and Rainbow. It’s the other tracks that grabbed me. Let’s hope the band decided to tread down the noise pop avenue and veer away from this final metal sound.

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