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Whipped cream chargers for instant cream are surely all that is needed to speed up your life? How any hours do you spend each day simply stirring and whipped – well, Lost Music thinks that the time is never quite right for wasting it – or so the proverb goes – so exactly how much time could be saved with a whipped cream dispenser? Well by listening to this song by you an always save tie by speeding thing up a little bit!

and as for the cream chargers – we think that over a life-time you could save as much as 2 years – so the only question that needs to be asked i what will you do with all of that time once you have saved it??? It would be a shame to not do something really useful with it!

I was lucky enough to meet up with Linda Reid a few weeks back to discuss her band Sister Vanilla. For those that don’t know Linda is the younger sister of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Jim and William Reid. I asked for questions before the interview from the Some Candy Talking message board. A place where fellow Jesus and Mary Chain fans hang out and chew the fat about the Reid brothers and Sister Vanilla.

Sister Vanilla have recorded their debut LP ‘Little Pop Rock’ with the help of her brothers and a few others. The LP has so far only been released on PVine records in Japan. So as we settled down for a beer in a pub in Soho – I attempted my first ever face to face interview.

Lostmusic: What was your involvement back when The Jesus and Mary Chain first started when Upside Down came out?

Linda Reid: Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. You have to remember I was about 14. I wouldn’t have had any involvement at all. They had left home and were doing their own thing.

LM: That clears that up – so the rumours about you being involved in the sleeve design of Upside Down etc were all false?

LR: Oh yeah. When they were doing Happy When It Rains and April Skies I designed the covers for those singles.

LM: Cool. So as Sister Vanilla you did your first vocal on Moe Tucker? How did that come about and how long did it take?

LR: Right, first of all it only started because Jim asked me if I wanted to sing one of their their B sides when they were doing Stoned and Dethroned, it was that far back and I said yeah ok. And this was still during Stoned and Dethroned actually, so I went into the Drugstore, their studio at the time and I recorded a song that Jim had written which I think was called ‘Suck My Coke’ at the time. So I went into the studio and recorded it and sounded really good and I really loved doing it. So, a few months later the band signed to Creation. No, actually quite a while later they signed to Creation Records and Munki came out. They were choosing which songs went onto Munki and Creation really liked the song which became Moe Tucker – and it was going to be released as a single and everything but then The Jesus and Mary Chain split up. Everyone really liked it, so it ended up on the LP Munki and not as a B side.

LM: So you were christened as Sister Vanilla then and since that time Sister Vanilla have morphed into band.

LR: Yeah.

LM: So are there big differences between the recording band and the live band?

LR: So far. The live band I have got have had nothing to do with the recording any of the songs. It’s just been me, Jim, Ben and William recording seperately. But the band I have got just now I want to keep them because they are really good. There’s one more song we want to record together, which we have written together, called ‘California Evil’. So we are going to be do that in the next couple of months.

LM: You have played that song live, haven’t you?

LT: Yeah. So we’re gonna record that soon and probably get the record out in the UK in maybe I would say early autumn. There are reasons that the record isn’t out yet – like personal reasons and the fact that no one has shown much interest in it.

LM: I wasn’t going to push the point on why ‘Little Pop Rock’ isn’t out in the UK yet.

LR: Let’s put it this way – it could be out now – but like I said, there are personal reasons why it’s not and that’s the main reason it isn’t out and EMI haven’t come knocking on the door.

LM – What gigs have you got coming up?

LR: We’re doing a pre festival show in Sweden on the 6th of July and then after I think it’s about the 17th July. It’s a free festival in Blackburn and we won’t get paid or anything – just expenses.

LM: I have just thought of another question that was asked on The JAMC message board – I think it was asked by Jamie (member of SV) – How many rehearsal are they gonna have before Sweden?

LR: Two. Yeah. Definetely two. They’re gonna be long rehearsal.

LM: So who is in the band these days? Hasn’t the line up changed a little lately?

LR: No, No. It’s the same line-up as always. Shin on guitar. George on drums. George has been in lots of different bands. Simon (guitar) and Jamie (Bass) (both from Tompaulin) and for these gigs Phil King is going to be on bass so Jamie can sing only.

LM: You did some gigs with a cut down line up without the Tompaulin guys?

LR: Yeah. That was only because the stage at that venue (12 Bar Club) was so small. It was tiny the size of my old living room and we couldn’t fit the whole band on the stage.

LM: I’m running out of questions!

LR: You’re rubbish!!! Don’t you have any more questions?

LM: I was gonna wing it. Ok. Here’s another question – what are the long term plans for Sister Vanilla – do you intend there to be more than one LP?

LR: I don’t know at the moment. We’re always talking about. It’s pointless saying there will be two more LPs when this one isn’t even out yet. Let’s be realistic about it and we’re just doing it for fun. I don’t want to be famous. I’d love to be rich but I am not gonna get that with Sister Vanilla.

LM: There was talk of a Reid family single? Is that still happening?

LR: It was supposed to be a William song as well as Jim one and a Sister Vanilla one but William didn’t have enough time to finish. Jim will be the A side and Sister Vanilla on the B side. I don’t think this will be out until the autumn for some reason.

LM. Ok, another question from the message board. This one is about sandals – if you were gonna buy sandals to wear in this current hot weather – would you go for the Jesus type ones or Flip-flop style ones?

LR: That’s a weird question. I’d actually go for the Jesus ones – the flip flop ones are just horrible. They go between your toes. The fact they are called Jesus sandals is cool enough.

LM: A few people from the message board wanted to know what bands you are into?

LR: I really love Graham Coxon. I know some people don’t think it cool to like bands like Blur but they are one of my all time favourite bands – like the message board people are into the Mary Chain. That’s the way I feel about Blur.

LM: So do you go on blur forums?

LR: I used to be in the Blur fan club and I sometimes check out the temple of Graham Coxon- but I never post anything on it.

LM: How did you get into Blur?

LR: I was always into them when I was younger and I still liked them when they weren’t cool.

LM:They did the Rollercoaster tour with The Jesus and Mary Chain way back in 1992.

LR:Yeah. At that point I wasn’t really into them back then to be honest. I became a bigger fan when Beetlebum came out. I love that.

LM: So what do you think of the Gorillaz?

LR: I like it – he (refering to Linda’s boyfriend, James, who was also at the interview) loves them and I liked the single. I prefer Graham Coxon’s stuff.

LM: Is there anyone else you are really into?

LR: er.

LM: I know there is an obvious answer.

LR: There’s not really an obvious answer. Why is it an obvious answer?

LM: Because you have mentioned the band before on the message board.

LR: Do I?

LM: The Pastels?

LR: Oh fuck., yeah of course. That goes without saying. I’ve always liked the Pastels. I love Primal Scream and I love Syd Barrett.

LM: Beatles or Stones?

LR: I love the Stones but if I had to choose between them I think it would be the Beatles. I’ve also got in David Bowie in a big way lately – I have been introduced to him through James.

LM: Ok, for the final question – here is the final question from the message board. One of the guys on the board is convinced that Jim and William aren’t brothers?

LR: They aren’t brothers?!?!!?!?!? Ha ha. No that rumour is definetely not true. Why would people think that?

LM: That was the weirdest question I was asked to ask.

LR: Yeah, that is pretty weird.

And on that note I left it – as my questions were all used up and the chat degenerated into gossip and idle chit chat.

Since the interview Linda has done some more recording with her brother, William. I asked her, via email, to give us an update and what had happened?

LR: Me and william recorded on saturday at stephen pastels friends studio in galsgow. Stephen came to sit in on it and we all had a really good time. It was nice for stephen and William to meet up again because they hadn’t seen each other for years and William is a huge fan of the pastels as Stephen is with the Jesus and Mary Chain. Then we all went for dinner and it was just really nice. The actual recording went really well. William wanted me to sing the song but I thought he should do it as I got the impression that it’s a song about the Jesus and Mary Chain so I thought it would be better coming from him. I sing backing vocals though. And his verse of jamcolas is great too. It’s a long time coming but so what – it’s here now and that’s all that matters.

My thanks to Linda for taking the time to speak to lostmusic.

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