Getting Whipped

Cream chargers for getting whipped in the easiest fashion!

It is not that you can’t get whipped without them – it is more that the nitrous oxide makes it all a lot easier!!! So what do you need – well as this is lost music then we have to say that music to cook by is the first thing to consider.

and then you’ve mastered that then where will you go next?? well all I can say is that it is a short pop and a hop to get from corn to cream. And the cream whipper will make it all the easier, if you don’t beleive me then perhaps you’d be better of thinking about how you are going to get that caramel on top? Could it be any easier than foaming it up with cream chargers? Simple melt a bit of sugar, cream and butter together and then pour them all into the whipped cream dispenser – then give it a good froth and try to find out where it goes too – it’s all a lot easier than you think, and the end result is going to be some very funky popcorn!

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