I’d heard about The Bats before but never actually heard them. So when I chanced upon their CD last weekend. I decided to take a chance on The Bats.

This is apparently a ‘Greatest Hits’ collection. The Bats hail from New Zealand. I know they are well known in their homeland but they’ve not made much of an impression in the UK. Which is criminal. What was I listening to when these Bats were soaring high? There really always has been more to music than what gets reported in the mainstream press. The fact that bands like The Bats can go ignored is nothing short of scandalous

After playing this CD a few times I have to ask as to why The Bats aren’t more well known. “Thousands of Tiny Luminous Spheres” is a great showcase for any band. It is jam packed with catchy songs.

The songs on this compilation cover the years 1987 through to 1995. This compilation was released in 2000 on the seminal New Zealand label ‘Flying Nun Records’. The Bats deal in understated guitar pop. The Bats have a clean and simple jangle pop sound. Occasional noise bursts add an extra sonic spice to their heady mix. This collection points to the fact that the band have been very consistent. There is really not a duff track among the 17 on offer here.

As an introduction to a ‘lost’ band this CD is perfect. It’s made me want to hear more. The Bats have a new fan and like all best music – it doesn’t matter whether it was released yesterday or 20 years ago. The quality of the songs shines through. The Bats made a timeless kind of music. The kind of music that makes me smile.

Links – The Bats biography on The Flying Nun website.

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