Jim Reid – Radio 6 Evening Sequence Session
Thursday, October 27 2005 @ 04:23 AM GMT-1
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Jim Reid (Once singer and guitarist with The Jesus and Mary Chain and Freeheat) came out of hiding a few weeks ago and tonight he recorded a live session for Alex James on the Evening Sequence for BBC Radio 6.

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Jim Reid is back. He recently did a small gig at Sonic Cathedral on John Peel day. Safe to say the gig wasn’t the best he’s ever done. A little worse for wear and besieged by sound problems the gig bore faint echoes of those shambolic and infamous early Jesus and Mary Chain gigs.

But onto happier things, tonight he recorded a live session for BBC Radio 6. Backed by Phil King (formerly of Lush) – Jim performed two songs. First up is the new single ‘Song For A Secret’ recorded as a duet with his other half, Julie. The session version was recorded without Julie and it’s a prime piece of Jim Reid rock n roll. Hooks and mildly fuzzed guitars combine to create an intoxicating mix that sounds like a lot of his best moments wrapped up into a neat two and half minute song. A song of love. A song about being saved. Lyricallly it seems a lot more personal than a lot of the songs The Jesus and Mary Chain played and sang. It kind of follows on from the more autobiographical songs that Jim was playing with his post Jesus and Mary Chain band – Freeheat. But where as Freeheat buried that lovely voice in some beautifully fucked up garage guitar noise – Jim Reid solo – seems more comfortable to have the words heard around some gently fuzzed guitars.

Dead End Kids was the other song that Jim aired this evening. This track seems to have been rescued from the tailend of the Freeheat’s life – a song that was debuted with that band in Amsterdam in 2002. It is another personal song about the rigours of a rock n roll lifestyle. It’s got a distinct groove kicked off by a lovely drum machine sound and is for me, it’s probably a better song than the new single. This hasn’t yet been recorded for release.

Jim Reid stripped bare and making music again. A pleasure to hear.

‘Song For A Secret’ is released soon on Transistor Records. It’s a split single. The other side being his younger sister – Linda’s band – Sister Vanilla and her William Reid co-written track ‘Can’t Stop The Rock’.

Download the session:

Jim Reid – Song For A Secret
Jim Reid – Dead End Kids

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