The Manhattan Love Suicides

As the year draws to a close I always start to review the musical releases and discoveries I have made – the best LP, the best new band, the most exciting gig etc. And as is known to happen – there is always a late comer. A gate crasher. And this year that award goes to The Manhattan Love Suicides and their near perfect self-titled debut LP.

Yeah, you read that right. This is a storming debut effort from this UK (I think) four piece, It really is a little bit special. This is an exhilarating LP, featuring 12 songs soaked in guitar fuzz and buzzsaw melodies. The Manhattan Love Suicides take a blue print of The Shop Assistants/Meat Whiplash/Jesus And Mary Chain and then they add some of the best songs of the year to the mix. The result is ragged and beautiful all at once. Sure it sounds a little lo-fi. And I am sure that is half the point. If you over produce a band that sounds like this – you subtract from it’s strength. Which is simple songs and bursts noise melded together to sound so much more than the sum of their parts.

The band are female fronted and the vocals of Caroline, recall the time when indie/jangle pop was all the rage. So yes, The Manhattan Love Suicides can claim to be the heirs to those lauded and loved 80s bands – like The Primitives, The Shoppies and The Darling Buds. But they’re not mere copyists. Closing tune “Providence” is a mesmerising and psychedlic slowie that adds Cello to their sonic pallate. When the band decide to crank it up and knock out fast tunes that they truly excel – “Skulls”, “Suzy Jones” and “Kick It Back” are all top draw fuzzpop songs. Imagine The Raveonettes only 10 times better. This is less a study in pastiche, it’s a celebration of guitars and fuzz. It’s also a fucking great LP. And the band even have the balls to cover The Beat Happenings ‘Indian Summer’ and get away with it. Great Stuff.

The CD has been released by Magic Marker Records and will be available on Vinyl with a couple of extra tracks and a free 7″ single on Squirrel Records early in 2007. The band also have a My Space where you can stream some of the songs from the LP.

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