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The Pocketbooks – Cross The Line (Atomic Beat Records)

I first came across Pocketbooks last year. Since then I have seen the band a fair few times – with differing amounts of success. I have to say when the band are on form they are a joy to behold. A few times they’ve been a little off form – but luckily these shakes seem to be behind the band. They’ve just released their debut 7″ single ‘Cross The Line’ on new label Atomic Beat Records.

And what a cracker it is – ‘Cross The Line’ is a top quality piece of pop music. Coming over like a london centric version of Belle and Sebastian with tales of lost oyster cards and the 9 to 5 work grind set against a day dreamers need to escape. The song has a great melody and some rather fine boy then girl vocals from Andy and Emma.

Flip the record over and you get another top tune – ‘Every Good Time We Ever Had’. This is a 60’s tinged indiepop gem – a soulful sound. Again it has a melody that will wrap itself around you and tug you every which way. It certainly set my foot a tapping. So a great new single from a great new band on a great new label. Go buy it – and if you do – you will get free links to download MP3s of the songs to satisfy the digital hungry and/or the turntable challenged.

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