The End of the blog and what happened next
Announcement – 9:00 pm

Lostmusic Blog is no more. Tom and I came to decision to end Lostmusic a month or so back. We have four more popshows before we close our doors for good. All the records we have released will continue to be available from our label site. Our final show @ The Wilmington on 22nd July will feature The Smittens, One Happy Island, The Melting Ice Caps and Standard Fare. It’s just before Indietracks and is sure to be an emotional night.

Time never stands still though, and Tom is back posting over on Indie-mp3 and I will be chipping in with the occasional Indiepop review. He also launching Indie-MP3 Records in June – the first release is going to be by The Seven Inches.

I’ve also started my new blog – Odd Box – which can be found here. This is linked to the new record/CDr label that I am starting Odd Box Records. The first release lined up for May is by The Kick Inside and exciting releases by The Humms, Pinkshinyultrablast as well as the limited re-issue of The Crack Babies.

As for live shows – after these final 4 Lostmusic shows, I am not sure whether I am going to jump back into that water just yet. Time will tell.


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HoZac Records: Dum Dum Girls, Idle Times and Woven Bones
March 17, 2009 – 8:33 pm

Having recently stumbled upon HoZac Records I thought it was time to give the label a mention on the blog. Based in Chicago in the US – they’ve been releasing 7″ singles since the end of 2006. In just over 2 years they have racked up an impressive 26 single releases – each seems to come in a variety of editions, be it Gold or different sleeve or different coloured vinyl. My introduction to the label was via Dum Dum Girls as she has just released a limited single on their 2009 HoZac Hookup Klub! a 7″ singles club. The club is for 10 limited 45’s by: DUM DUM GIRLS, IDLE TIMES, WOVEN BONES, ART THIEVES, WHITE MYSTERY, MOTHER OF TEARS, FLIGHT, TEEPEE, BOX ELDERS and TEETH. After listening to a couple of the bands I took the plunge and hooked up for the singles club. The first three recently arrived.

The sound that label goes for in a big way seems to be lo-fi garage rock. This is music that satisifies your soul. The first record of the three I played was the Dum Dum Girls 7″. The ‘A’ side is called ‘Longhair’ and it’s fine record that sounds like it was recorded in a an echo rich room – not disimilar to the Knight School release we have recently put out. After listening to more records on the label – it seems the Dum Dum Girls are probably the least representative of their overall sound – the ethos is DIY all the way with a more garage rock n roll sound being the favourite flavour. Next up was the 7″ by Idle Times. The ‘A’ side is called ‘Million Miles Away’ and it’s a lo-fi rock’n’roll record with a beautiful guitar sound. Possibly recalling The Gories, possibly not. It certainly works the louder you play the record. The flip side is ‘Whatever Works For You’ and it’s a slower affair – but again the sound is enhanced by increased volume. The final record of the three from the Singles club is probably my favourite of the three. It’s by Woven Bones and both songs ‘With You Alone’ and ‘Sitting Sick’ are gorgeous sub stooges rock’n’roll. They sound immense and this is just the sort of sound I have been craving lately – it’s undeniably lo-fi. But it rocks. And it rocks in a way that is hard to do in 2009. It sounds brash, fresh and exciting whilst obviously paying a debt to the past.

I’ve since started to buy any available records I can find that the label has released. I think I’ve got the HoZac Records bug. Sadly this Hook-Up club is completely sold out at the moment. I believe label intend to issue all the songs from the club on CD (LP?) – in the future. Even more sadly – some of their early 7″ singles seem to be sold out. The hunt begins.

Links: HoZac Records

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Projekt A-Ko – Yoyodyne (Milk Pie Records / Filthy Little Angels)
March 15, 2009 – 10:13 pm

Projekt A-Ko are a three piece band from Scotland. They are also three former members of Urusei Yatsura who released some cracking records in the mid to late 1990s. Projekt A-Ko released a spilt single last year with indiepop fuzzy favourites Horowitz (both songs are included here, possibly re-recorded). It’s was a nice taster of what was to come. And this is that. The LP is called ‘Yoyodyne’ and it is everything a noisy pop record should be. With nods to their former band along with Dinosaur Jr and the poppy end of Sonic Youth’s spectrum – this is a record that fizzes with punk attitude, that kicks you forcefully in the teeth with top notch pop tunes. And it’s suitably discordant.

The thirteen songs that make up this record are enough to lift even the gloomiest spirits. This record found me in one of those gloomy moods and with each play – I’ve felt my faith in pop music returning. One of the best releases I have heard in sometime.

This record is due to be released on 20th April. It is available for pre-order now- check the website below.

Links: My Space | Website

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Pocketbooks – Fleeting Moments free MP3!
March 8, 2009 – 11:07 pm

Pocketbooks have their début LP, ‘Flight Paths’ available for advance order at the moment from How Does It Feel To Be Loved? The official release date is set to be in June, but the label is posting out advance CD copies now. The band have made one song available as advance download – ‘Fleeting Moments’ is free to download from:

I will doing a full review of the LP in a few weeks – but after the first few listens – I am happy to report the band have delivered a wonderful pop record. It sparkles and shines and makes me want to dance.

From their press release:

The album was recorded over five days at Soup Studio, which is located under a wonderful ukulele shop near Brick Lane in London. It was recorded by Simon Trought, who has also recorded albums by The Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman and loads of other bands that we love. We’re really pleased the album is coming out in the spring, as it feels like a springtime album. As you can imagine, we were really excited to be recording these songs in the studio, and we hope this comes across on the record.

We picked mostly new songs for the album, some of which you might recognise from our last few gigs. There’s also a couple of our favourites which stretch back to when we first started out as a band. The full track listing is:

1. Footsteps
2. Fleeting Moments
3. Camera Angles
4. The Outskirts Of Town
5. Cross The Line
6. Skating On Thin Ice
7. Sweetness And Light
8. I’m Not Going Out
9. Every Good Time We Ever Had
10. Paper Aeroplanes
11. All We Do Is Rush Around

We had a fantastic time recording it, and we’re really looking forward to playing these songs at gigs over the next few months. We really hope you enjoy the album and the free download!

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Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Torvill & Dean (Disques Papillons Noire)
March 7, 2009 – 7:03 pm

I’ve caught this band a few times on recent nights out in London town. They’ve divided opinion amongst my peers with some loving them and others, er, not. Singer D. Lucille Campbell seems to be the dividing point with some loving her deep vocals, that recall Nico and Souixsie Souix to these ears, and others feeling that her singing style doesn’t quiet fit with the swirling indiepop that the band provide. It’s time to nail my colours to the mast: I’m a lot closer to loving than loathing Help Stamp Out Loneliness.

This, their début 7″ single is a little less convincing than their live show. Some how it sounds a little self contained. The vocals soar in a live setting, on this record, they are merely a part of the mix. The band provide a solid backing and lead song ‘Torvill & Dean’ is good, without ever getting close to great. The B side ‘Record Shop’ is another nearly song for me as it has everything except a killer hook to pull you in. The band feature a couple former members of Language of Flowers so they certainly have the pedigree to come up with a killer tune or two.

This said, I’ve enjoyed the band on stage and this record is a decent début release. There is sure to be better things from Help Stamp Out Loneliness in the future. This single sounds like a band taking their first steps after just finding their feet.

Links: Help Stamp Out Loneliness | Papillons Noirs

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Stilletoes – Sownd (Complete Control Music)
March 7, 2009 – 6:42 pm

This 7″ single came out about a year ago on Complete Control Music. I’ve only recently picked up on the single after hearing on Dandelion Radio. Stilletoes are from Wales. They sing in Welsh and English. This 7″ features two songs in their native tongue. Their drummer is only 13 years old. He’s probably 14 now. This is noisy post punk stuff. Lead song ‘Sownd’ is a rather fine slab of punk pop – with a nice buzz guitar feel. And the song on the flip side of the single is ‘Y Gwir’ and it is nearly as good. Highly recommended if you like punky guitar pop.

Links: Complete Control Music | Stilletoes

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Lonely Boy – Lonely Boy and Other Tragedies
March 7, 2009 – 10:43 am

This LP originally came out in the UK on Filthy Little Angels. I missed it. I got this copy via the label that is releasing the CD in the USA – Series Two Records.

Lonely Boy is a collaboration between Anthony Harding (music) and Eivind Kirkeby (words). After a couple of listens I’m not 100% convinced by Lonely Boy. It’s pleasant enough without ever really grabbing me. It has a nice laid back feel – but I am left wanting something a little more. Something a little more substantial. This record is definitely at the more whimsical end of indiepop – with simple keys and delicate melodies all present and correct – but it’s just a little too lightweight for me to really fall under it’s spell. I am sure it will appeal to those that like old Sarah Records bands and the like. Sadly, it’s not really doing it for me.

Links: Lonely Boy | Series Two Records | Filthy Little Angels

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Je Suis Animal/Wake The President split 7″
March 7, 2009 – 10:16 am

Lucky Number Nine Records first release of the year will be on April 6th and is a split 7″ from Norwegian dreampoppers Je Suis Animal and Glasgow based Wake the President. The Je Suis Animal track, ‘Fortune Map’, is taken from their excellent debut album ‘Self-Taught Magic From A Book’ (Angular Records). This is a joint release with the good folk at Electric Honey Records. Wake The President provide ‘Miss Tierney’ which is from their forthcoming début LP ‘You Can’t Change The Boy’.

The Je Suis Animal song is called ‘Fortune Map’ and it’s a lovely and light piece of pop music – that rattles, jangles and rolls along in a rollickingly good time way. The band still recall the best moments that Stereolab ever had. That’s a good thing.

Wake The President are jangle pop personified. Sounding like a long lost Postcard band. These Swedish Scots know their way around a good tune and ‘Miss Tierney’ is certainly that. Even the lyrics echo my thoughts when they sing ‘Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery’. Not that Wake The President are pure copyists. This is a great little 7″ single – with two of the better bands from the current crop in fine form.

Links – Je Suis Animal | Wake The President | Lucky Number Nine Records | Electric Honey Records

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Sin Fang Bous – Clangour (Morr Music)
March 4, 2009 – 11:34 pm

Sin Fang Bous is one man, Sindri, from Iceland. He’s released a rather wonderful little LP called ‘Clangour’ on Morr Music. The LP varies in approach between electro pop – like opening song ‘Advent Inivesga’ which has a hypnotic glitchy feel and a sparser folk-tronica feel – which shines through at times – nowhere better than on ‘The Jubilee Choruses’.

Giving reference points is tough – on some songs I am reminded a little of Beriut – albeit a less organic more electronic take on the layered pop sound. On other songs – a more straight forward pop approach veers away from the comparison and has me wondering whether Sin Fang Bous want to be many different types of band all at the same time. That said,this is an enchanting record that is a refreshing listening experience as it manages to be infectious, inventive and accessible all at once. That’s a tough trick to pull, but Sin Fang Bous have managed to do it with a great deal of style.

Link: My Space

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If You Like Everything There’s Nothing Left To Love
March 4, 2009 – 10:49 pm

Matt over on Scatterbrain decided to make a compilation. It’s lovely. With songs by The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Knight School, Brown Recluse Sings, Horowitz, The Parallelograms and The Garlands amongst the 14 songs on offer. It’s essential to these pop years. The sleeve is fab,

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