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The mood is dreamy and hopeful but there’s always room for Mr Holman’s trademark cynicism: “everyone’s for sale at some point, nothing’s built to last”. If that’s good, flip it over for best. ‘After the Ice Storm’ has the sort of despairing, introspective beauty that the last Tompaulin album (the ace-to-the-power-of-infinity ‘Into the Black’) possessed. It’s a claustrophobic kitchen sink drama, a story of bitter unfaithfulness, twisting and turning from reason to pleading to loathing in the course of three perfectly weighted minutes, and with a splendid c-word sign-off. If you love Darren Hayman, David Gedge and the acidic side of Bob Dylan, you’ll love this. This is a defiant, verging on the arrogant, assertion of the new band’s existence and it’s more than justified.

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lost music on itunes

Lost music on iTunes – you’ll need a vaporizer to fix this one!

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lost music on iphone

Lost music on iPhone? Don’t panic – just relax take get the iolite vaporizer out and follow the guide!