Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Torvill & Dean (Disques Papillons Noire)

I’ve caught this band a few times on recent nights out in London town. They’ve divided opinion amongst my peers with some loving them and others, er, not. Singer D. Lucille Campbell seems to be the dividing point with some loving her deep vocals, that recall Nico and Souixsie Souix to these ears, and others feeling that her singing style doesn’t quiet fit with the swirling indiepop that the band provide. It’s time to nail my colours to the mast: I’m a lot closer to loving than loathing Help Stamp Out Loneliness.

This, their début 7″ single is a little less convincing than their live show. Some how it sounds a little self contained. The vocals soar in a live setting, on this record, they are merely a part of the mix. The band provide a solid backing and lead song ‘Torvill & Dean’ is good, without ever getting close to great. The B side ‘Record Shop’ is another nearly song for me as it has everything except a killer hook to pull you in. The band feature a couple former members of Language of Flowers so they certainly have the pedigree to come up with a killer tune or two.

This said, I’ve enjoyed the band on stage and this record is a decent début release. There is sure to be better things from Help Stamp Out Loneliness in the future. This single sounds like a band taking their first steps after just finding their feet.

Links: Help Stamp Out Loneliness | Papillons Noirs

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