Lost Music Presents itself in many forms – choose the one that suits you mood!! Or choose a nice herbal vaporizer!!

When: 30th August

Where: The Horse and Groom, 26 Curtain Road, EC2A 3NZ (Shoreditch)

Who: Monotaxi, Horowitz, The Cut Outs and Hong Kong in the 60s.

It will be £4 in advance from We Got Tickets
and £5 on the door.

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Lostmusic Presents #6
1:04 am July 26th, 2007

When: 30th September 2007

Where: The Buffalo Bar

Who: Sarandon, Navvy, Keith John Adams and Swimsuit Issue

It will be £5 in advance from We Got Tickets
and £6 on the door.

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Lostmusic Presents #4
2:06 pm July 16th, 2007

Radio Luxembourg + The School + Pocketbooks + Little My
London Clockwork –
Wednesday 25TH July, 2007 7.30pm

Tickets are £4 in advance from We Got Tickets and £5 on the door

Radio Luxembourg
Think the Super Furrys and the Gorkys at their tip top best and you’ll be getting warm but PLEASE, just hear it for yourselves. Sunshine music for a sunshine day. Quite simply lovely.

The School
Sweet candy nuggets with the swooping strings and shimmering keys evoking the twee sounds of Belle and Sebastian and Lucky Soul.

An indiepop band from London, brought together through a shared love of tambourines, pianos, glockenspiels, jangly guitars and boy/girl harmonies.

Little My
Magical and twee. some say their gigs are a bit like walking in on a primary school music lesson.

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Indie MP3 review of Lostmusic Presents #3
7:27 am July 16th, 2007

by Tom B of Indie MP3

The skies opened on the way to the Luminare knocking out signals on the North London line in the process. This meant that I missed first band on the bill The Fischers. Looking around the venue for the third Lost Music Presents night it seems that the weather, rather than the terrorist threat, had put paid to a few less determined souls than myself.

It was the thought of seeing the Swedish band The Electric Pop Group and their first ever UK show that kept me going on my ever increasing convoluted journey to get to the venue. I am glad I persevered as the band put on a pretty good performance that made me forget how damp I was.

Close your eyes and you are transported back 20 years and the Electric Pop Group are certainly the missing link between Creation and Sarah Records. The band’s initial nervousness soon wore off and they not only treated us to the best tracks from last years début album including the jangle-tastic Popgirly but also threw in some new ones which are even better, none more so than My Only Inspiration. It’s a shame that there were not more in to see them.

Headliners, the Bristol based Santa Dog, were in town to promote their new Japanese only release album Kittyhawk. The band sounded heavier and rockier than ever before tonight and during parts of their set I missed the delicate poppiness that has endeared me to the band these past couple of years.

However that said the band were pretty tight throughout and with Rowena in such a confident mood they flew through their set with unabashed abandon. Tracks such as Belle De Jour and Chemical are now such close friends it was good to hear them again whilst the newer material including current single Big Bang sounded like they had been played for years such was their impact.

Catch both bands at Indie Tracks at the end of July.

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Sounds XP review of Lostmusic Presents #3
7:26 am July 16th, 2007

Santa Dog/ The Electric Pop Group/ The Fischers
London, Luminaire

Article written by Ged M – Sounds XP

“I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.” If God created the original flood because of man’s wickedness, he looks to be mightily pissed off again with London in general and Kilburn in particular. Having forded several rivers of rainwater and seriously considered having gills implanted, I arrive at the Luminaire to catch the end of The Fischers’ set and feel a sense of disappointment; but only from not hearing enough of the band (lots of other people were in the same boat – no pun intended). I recognise Jamie from Tompaulin and his new(?) band has the same soul-haunted melancholy as his other group, tapping into the same sort of mythic American songpool as the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Velvets and Galaxie 500. If the start of the set was as good as the last four songs I want to re-make their acquaintance very soon.

The Electric Pop Group are from Sweden – or perhaps Bristol or Manchester or East Kilbride, since their classic, chiming indiepop reminds you so much of 80s bands on Sarah Records, or the Smiths, or the Jesus and Mary Chain. The sound – washes of guitars and maudlin vocals, while drum-machine rat-a-tats away in the background – is evocative of nights you spent staying in to listen to Peel; but the clean arrangements and songwriting craft exhibited in the uplifting ‘Popgirly’ and ‘She’s Playing With Your Heart’ make this something better than just a C86 museum piece.

Santa Dog are quite wonderful tonight. They rip Britpop a new arsehole with their muscular sound, which is rockier than we’ve heard them play before. ‘Chemical’ breaks heads, ‘Belle De Jour’ leaps to the floor and gives us a hundred push ups while ‘Big Bang’ is a fat firecracker of the song. The influences – The Smiths and Prefab Sprout among others – are still there but so bulked up you want to test them for steroids. Rowena shakes her head and Rob W wrings out sounds from his guitar like they’ve been studying Metallica documentaries while the rhythm section of Martin and impassive bassist-for-this-evening Steve pump out a mighty foundation of rockbeastness. If you’ve heard the EPs you might think there’s an English gentility about them but tonight your thoughts would have been nursing their wounds in the local A&E because Santa Dog prove they have balls. Here’s hoping they’re the inflatable sort with today’s weather.

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Lostmusic Presents #3
7:00 am July 16th, 2007

Lostmusic Presents #3 – Saturday 30th June.

Santa Dog (England)
“Sparkly summer soaked pop, airing tracks from debut album ‘Kittyhawk’”

The Electric Pop Group (Sweden)
“Gothenberg based popsters with chiming guitars and a lush melodic sensibility”

The Fischers (England)
“Fabulous 60s tinged indie pop songs with a sweet and yet melancholic twist”

@ The Luminaire.
Tickets are £6 in advance from We Got Tickets and £7 on the door.
And seeing as it’s a Saturday – there will again be DJs after the bands.

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Lostmusic Presents #2
12:41 pm May 6th, 2007

Sunday 20th May
Brixton Windmill
Start 5pm promptly – Free BBQ for all

Falling Out Of Cars (London)
Like all the best bits of My Bloody Valentine and Loop melded into a heady mix of buzzing gutars and thumping bass. Or as Mr Disconnected said – ‘like one of those lovely mellow acid trips that you never *really* want to end’.

The Hermit Crabs (Glasgow)
‘Guitars tingle and a voice sings about being making vegan vows, china girls, wonderful whirligigs and the glorious people of Sauchiehall Street….A thousand times better than anything Belle and Sebastian have done in the last four or five years.’ – Tastyfanzine

Jesus Licks (London)
‘part wonderfully warped liliput / raincoats style indie, part folk and part country, Jesus Licks pull elements from all these genres and twist them into something deeply melodic whilst stamping their own stamp on their sound.’ – Rough Trade Shops

The Sailplanes (London)
Loud. Punchy. Loud. Expect an avalanche of sonic guiitars from this blistering London three piece.

Daniel Benjamin (Stuttgart)
Daniel grew up in the wrong decade (maybe) and in the wrong country (definitely). From Germany, Daniel makes some of the best gentle indiepop/folk around. If only he was Swedish, the world would be at his feet.

Time.Space.Repeat. (London)
…is an ever shifting gestalt entity of spirits contained within the glass jar of London… luckily, someone remembered to punch some holes in the lid so they could breathe. They have variously been described as ‘optimistic post-rock’, ‘beautiful’, ‘lovely’ and ‘not my cup of tea’.

Molloy (London)
Dirty-minded angular-electro-pop-rock from London. They’re gonna be stars!

Plus… a free BBQ. It all starts at 5pm.

Tickets £4 in advance from We Got Tickets and £5 on the door.

7 bands and a bbq all for a fiver. It’s gonna be ace.

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The Manhattan Love Suicides/The Gresham Flyers/Silver Springs
7:51 am April 21st, 2007

The first ever Lostmusic Presents night:

Lostmusic Presents #1 – Friday 20th April.
The Manhattan Love Suicides (England)
The Gresham Flyers (England)
Silver Springs (England)

We had a brilliant time doing this and all three bands were just amazing. A big thank you to Silver Springs, The Gresham Flyers and The Manhattan Love Suicides for making our first night such a success.

We’d also like to thank all those who came along and enjoyed our first ever ’show’. You helped make the night special for us and the bands.

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Lostmusic Presents #1
9:00 pm March 3rd, 2007

Lost Music presents
+ The Gresham Flyers
+ Silver Springs

@ The Luminaire, Kilburn.

Doors 7.30
£6 via We Got Tickets
£8 door

Feedback, noise, melodies all dressed in black and fronted by a sassy female singer – The Manhattan Love Suicides are indie pop gold. If you don’t automatically think of a shit nightclub when you hear the word Creation, or a girls name when you hear Sarah, or a sandwich shop when someone says Subway, and you actually know what the fuck we’re talking about here, then you need to see and hear The Manhattan Love Suicides.

Rough Trade Shops says; “For anyone who loves fuzzed up guitar assaults, feedback, female vocals, melodic pop, ear splitting minimalist noise…and hates a hell of a lot of other things – we give you The Manhattan Love Suicides’ debut album. Not since Juniper Moon have we been this excited about an indie pop band. Think The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Shop Assistants, Galaxie 500, The Velvet Underground, The Rosehips, The Golden Dawn and Meat Whiplash. The album is full of fuzzed up noisy pop music with a pounding beat and heart breaking female vocals combined with slower, less raucous sounding tunes. Every song is a indie pop nugget.”

Main support are The Gresham Flyers. Describing their sound as “Classy, energetic pop, boy/ girl singers, handclaps, and hooks you can hang your duffel coat on”, the band pride themselves on their instrument-swapping diversity and ear for a good hook, based around the diverse influences of the band- from the indie storytelling of Pulp & Belle & Sebastian, to the electronic washes of New Order or Sparks, to the manic strum of The Wedding Present to the classy pop-rock of Roxy Music, 10cc and The Tubes.

Their debut 7 inch single ‘Shiftwork’ was released in 2006. Rough Trade have called it “a cracking little single that is sure to announce the band to the wider world”. The band also contributed the standout track ‘Blackpool’ to the critically-acclaimed compilation ‘The Kids At The Club’ on How Does It Feel Records.

Opening the evening is the “amped-up country noisepop soundscapes” of Silver Springs

“Beautifully played avant-noise Americana with a Galaxie 500 influence.” (Sean Price, Fortuna Pop)

“A classic-sounding indie jangle band in the vein of The Orchids and The Television Personalities.” (Ian Watson, How Does It Feel To Be Loved?)

“Indie of the fiercely old school style, resplendent with sensitively shy, soft indie boy vocals and lyrics.” (Fliss Collier, Metro Online)

“A spot on take on the melancholy beauty previously modelled by The Silver Jews and Palace.” (Crud Music Magazine)

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Welcome to Lostmusic Presents
8:00 pm March 3rd, 2007

Lostmusic is run by two indie kids. Kids that have no right to use that term, but, if the cap fits, then wear it we shall! One is based in London. The other is not.

We’ve been toying with this idea for some time. Its a simple but fantastic idea. After going to many gigs, getting fed up with seeing just one band of any worth on too many occassions, and after a couple of shandy driven conversations we thought “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have bands you love on a gig line up”. So here we go!

Basically, if we really like a band or artist, then there is a chance you could see them on one of our gig nights. We like classic indiepop. We like jangly guitars. We’re even partial to something called ‘fun’.

For more of an idea on what you are likely to see, may I suggest you take a look at, which is run by Trev, and Savo chips in with his two penneth occassionally. You’ll get a good feel there of what we like. It was Trev’s site that helped spark this venture. And if there is a band you think we should be aware of, then feel free to tip us off!

See you at one of the nights, very soon.

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