The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

The Pocketbooks 

The Pocketbooks – Cross The Line (Atomic Beat Records)

Sister Vanilla goes Chemikal 

The Manhattan Love Suicides 

As the year draws to a close I always start to review the musical releases and discoveries I have made – the best LP, the best new band, the most exciting gig etc. And as is known to happen – there is always a late comer. A gate crasher. And this year that award goes […]

Ella Glockenspiel 

…she’s quite possibly the coolest girl in Malmo As you’re all aware of my obsession with all things Scandinavian, I hold my hands up to another one. Except she’s Swedish.

Found Lost Music 

The mood is dreamy and hopeful but there’s always room for Mr Holman’s trademark cynicism: “everyone’s for sale at some point, nothing’s built to last”. If that’s good, flip it over for best. ‘After the Ice Storm’ has the sort of despairing, introspective beauty that the last Tompaulin album (the ace-to-the-power-of-infinity ‘Into the Black’) possessed. It’s a claustrophobic kitchen sink drama, a story of bitter unfaithfulness, twisting and turning from reason to pleading to loathing in the course of three perfectly weighted minutes, and with a splendid c-word sign-off. If you love Darren Hayman, David Gedge and the acidic side of Bob Dylan, you’ll love this. This is a defiant, verging on the arrogant, assertion of the new band’s existence and it’s more than justified.


i-94: Alone In The Endzone Aimless ramblings from me. About me. For me. A personal space apart from my music site. A happy place. A quiet place. My place.


Help Stamp Out Loneliness – Torvill & Dean (Disques Papillons Noire)


If You Like Everything There’s Nothing Left To Love


The Mayfair Set, Dum Dum Girls and Blank Dogs


The Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death (Chaffinch Records)


Starting Anew WeePop! launch 2009 with a compilation titled Starting Anew. It features seven tracks by bands you may or may not of heard before.


Downdime share a drummer with the Manhattan Love Suicides. I have vague memories of someone giving me this CD at the first Lostmusic Presents gig a few weeks back. It’s only now that I’ve found the time to give it a spin.Which explains how I got this little CDr compiling the bands first couple of […]

Celestial – Dream O 

Hailing from Sweden – Celestial is one man, Andreas Hagman, and on his debut LP – ‘Dream On’ he’s been helped by assorted friends. I believe he now has got a band together. Fingers crossed that this band makes it to London for a gig or three.

Butcher Boy – Profit In Your Poetry 

‘Profit In Your Poetry’ is the debut release by Butcher Boy. Butcher Boy for this LP are a 7 piece band. But their principle songwriter is John Blain Hunt – who also runs the National Pop League club in Glasgow. This is also the second release on How Does It Feel To Be Loved? Records. […]

The Sailplanes 

The Sailplanes are a three piece band that appear to be from or at least based in London. They make a fine brand of guitar noise. I have been meaning to do a brief little review for ages. And now it seems is the time.

Blood Red Shoes Try Harder 

Blood Red Shoes – A.D.H.D

Ponies In The Surf 

Ponies In The Surf – Ponies On Fire

Blood Red Shoes 

Blood Red Shoes – Stitch Me Back / Meet Me At Eight


I’d heard about The Bats before but never actually heard them. So when I chanced upon their CD last weekend. I decided to take a chance on The Bats.


Lost Music Presents itself in many forms – choose the one that suits you mood!! Or choose a nice herbal vaporizer!! When: 30th August Where: The Horse and Groom, 26 Curtain Road, EC2A 3NZ (Shoreditch) Who: Monotaxi, Horowitz, The Cut Outs and Hong Kong in the 60s. It will be £4 in advance from We […]


This is a self-financed released from American band The Layaways on Mystery Farm Records, based in Chicago.





Jim Reid – Radio 6 Evening Sequence Session Thursday, October 27 2005 @ 04:23 AM GMT-1 Contributed by: tmc Views: 2527


This is the first in series of posts that will focus on older records. Forgotten gems, if you will. This was always supposed to be something that Lostmusic would focus on – under appreciated music from the past. So the first post in the forgotten Pop series is upon us. And it is actually from […]

the lazy darlings 

The Lazy Darlings are a Leeds based band who feature members (or ex members) of the likes of I Concur, The Lodger (Tim Corbridge played the lapsteel on the wonderful Good Old Days) and Ali Whitton & The Broken Record Players. I have enjoyed listening to their songs this past week and they are a […]





The End of the blog and what happened next Announcement – 9:00 pm Lostmusic Blog is no more. Tom and I came to decision to end Lostmusic a month or so back. We have four more popshows before we close our doors for good. All the records we have released will continue to be available […]

Vapir No2 

vapir no2

Lost music might well have found what it was that is was looking for.. Vapir No2 .. it comes with a straw attached ans is a classy little vaporizer!

Volcano Vaporizers 

Lost Music might be in love with our latest purchase – the volcano vaporizer – perhaps the best vaporizer we’ve ever come across – I’d even suggest that it is the zenith.. the actual perfect vaporizer that cannot be beaten!

Silver Surfer Vaporizer 

Lost Music has found what it was looking for in the shape and form of the silver surfer vaporizer … bong!

Vape Critic 


No smoking vaporizer without the fire – lost music can tell you more

Spunky Vaporizers 

Nobody can vaporize like a crazy Russian punk! In a recent interview their inspiration was credit to the volcano vaporizer…

Lost Music on iTunes 

lost music on itunes

Lost music on iTunes – you’ll need a vaporizer to fix this one!

Lost Music on iPhone 

lost music on iphone

Lost music on iPhone? Don’t panic – just relax take get the iolite vaporizer out and follow the guide!

Herbal Vaporizers 

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Gogo Butcher Boy 

butcher-boy-react-or-die-how-does-it-feel-to-be-loved gogo-butcher boy!

hozac records dum dum girls idle times and woven bones 

Dum Dum is not always Dumb! but it can get creamed on occasion!

Getting Whipped 

Cream chargers for getting whipped in the easiest fashion!

Cream Chargers For Instant Cream 

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Funny Ha Ha 

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Mr Whip Cream Chargers 

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Cream Chargers Next Day Delivery! 

Jim reid 2 

Jim Reid 2 – the rest of us zero

Jim Reid 3 – loves cream chargers! 

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Go Jimmy Go! 


The complete epic that everyone loves to hat -cream chargers at the ready … fire!!!!

Navy Disco 


Multiples of 10 and eventually you get all the way to this point – I fell asleep every time about the time that the monkey hit each other with sticks


Watch The Walls