Using Vaporizers to help find lost music is not something new – but it is something that not everyone has ever tried – firstly you need to define exactly what constitutes “Lost Music” – here is one example that we can begin to work with…

I found that one on vinyl at a corner sore in Leeds – and what a find it was too. I’d like to thank my iolite wispr for tat particular discovery. I was out with the portable vape taking it for a walk as you do!) when I found myself looking for some butane – the are hungry beasts those iolites!! and the next thing I new I was on a vaporizer induce herbal high looking through the boxes in a dirty basement at Hyde Park Corner – the result was Pig Bag and boy was I chuffed when I got hot to spin that particular disk..

So thanks to the iolite this Papa got itself a pigbag!



as a tribute to this find of lost music I went and bought a pigbag (pictured) in which to store my iolite wispr – how pathetic and literal am I? But i is good to know that the vape is safe, and I have a new herbal bag for my weed collection – and this particular purse is literally made out of a sow’s ear???